Introducer Tips

Ways to increase your income as a Protect My Let introducer

As an introducer, visibility is key in order to generate leads, increase your service proposition and generate additional income. Positioning your relationship with Protect My Let within your communications to clients and understanding the potential touch points to introduce our brand to them, will help you in your role as an introducer.

We understand that every business is different and so offer several ways in which to do this to suit all levels of resource. We would always recommend doing more than one of these activities in order to drive the most engagement with your clients.

Client journey touchpoints

Working out when to introduce us to your clients is a simple way to understand how to maximise being an introducer. It might sound a little complex, but in reality it’s just about looking at your current client journey and working out where you might have opportunities to introduce our brand and services. This might be at the point of a new landlord signing up with a welcome pack, or it might be as part of a pitch explaining that you can provide the full package with insurance by introducing them to Protect My Let.

Once you have mapped out the different ways you can communicate with your clients it’s really easy to understand where you can introduce Protect My Let.

Website positioning

For most businesses, their website is their main shop window – even more so in recent times with the on and off closures of businesses as a result of lockdown. How you display Protect My Let within your website can have a big impact on your success as an introducer. Placing us on your website not only makes it easy for your clients to find us, but it also allows them to see that we are a trusted partner to your business which can increase engagement. We find the best way for introducers to maximise this is through a ‘partners’ page which we can also provide content for.

By displaying our web link on your website, you will also be able to increase your Google search ranking through ‘backlinking.

Social media

For some businesses social media is a brilliant tool to communicate with their clients – for others it’s not such a big focus. If you are active on social media with a network of clients, then this is a great platform to publicise your recommendation for Protect My Let. You can also tag us in content, and we can work on joint communications on your preferred platform. We can also provide links or content to post which will help to build an interest or trust in our brand with your clients. We always aim for our content to be useful to clients rather than an immediate sales message.


If you run any email communication with your clients, then this can be a great tool to introduce Protect My Let. We can also provide links or content if required.

Physical flyers

We get that not every business is digital and some still see great results with more traditional methods. We can provide flyers if this is the case for your business, however we would recommend only using these alongside other methods.

Other content we can provide:
  • Case studies
  • News articles or a link to our article library
  • Client brochure detailing our product range, ethos and expertise
  • Website banner graphics
  • Content for a partner page on your website
  • Protect My Let client testimonials
If there is anything else that you think would help to drive referral leads please get in touch.