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We’re real people, not robots. We don’t just go off-script to get you better insurance, we keep away from that script entirely to make sure that we can support you with guidance throughout your time as a landlord. 

We’re all about down-to-earth advice and straightforward solutions. When you talk to us, you get a real person at the end of the phone.

At Protect My Let, we’ve been helping landlords like you find better cover for your rental homes since 2004. We take it personally – there’s no hard sell or a call centre, just real people going off-script to deliver what you need. Our team are a close knit bunch and treat their clients in the same way. They’ve taken the script and ripped it up, instead they’ll talk to you like a human.

Whether you need to make a claim, an adjustment or just need some advice, our team are happy to help.

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We know that it’s not always easy being a landlord. These days, with constantly changing legislation, it’s especially tough. That’s why we want to help landlords like you now more than ever.

Let a fellow landlord know about us and you could earn £50 when they take out a policy with Protect My Let. Plus, they’ll enjoy a £50 discount on their first policy with us.