Covid-19 FAQs

My let property is unoccupied during the pandemic and I can’t get to it to inspect it. Am I still covered?

Our insurers are being very understanding during the pandemic and realise that it may not be possible for clients to inspect or regularly maintain their properties whilst unoccupied. For this reason, our insurers have advised that they are not reducing cover during the pandemic. However, please remember that your policy will require you to make sure the property is physically secure. Provided you have taken reasonable precautions, then you have undertaken due diligence and cover will remain in force.

As my tenants cannot work, am I covered for loss of rental income during the pandemic?

Our insurance policies do not provide any cover for loss of income due to a deliberate act by the Government. If you have a mortgage, you could be entitled to assistance from your lender in the form of a mortgage ‘holiday’ to assist in the short term, or your tenants may also be entitled to assistance. However, at this time you should be working with your tenants to come to an agreement that will help both of you. More information can be found on the Government website.

I have a Rent Guarantee Policy. Can I use this to claim on lost rent?

The Rent Guarantee policies we provide are not suitable for this scenario as these are designed for paying your rental income during or following an eviction. As the Government has temporarily changed the law preventing evictions during the pandemic, the policy cannot be used.

Can I take out a Rent Guarantee policy to cover me for the future?

During the pandemic, our insurers have temporarily stopped offering new Rent Guarantee policies as they cannot currently be claimed on (due to only being relevant in relation to pursuing an eviction). Once the situation changes and evictions can be pursued again, insurers have advised that they may allow a Rent Guarantee to be re-added on a pro-rata basis, circumstance allowing. If you think you may require this cover later in the policy year, please contact us.

Other providers are still offering Rent Guarantee cover. Can I buy this?

During the pandemic, many providers may still be offering Rent Guarantee cover. However, this is for guaranteeing rental income during an eviction which cannot currently be done. Also, most Rent Guarantee policies do not allow you to claim for the first 90 days of the policy, which again would not be useful at the moment. Therefore, we advise that any policies you are offered are checked thoroughly as they may not offer cover that you actually need.

If you have any further queries regarding your rental properties during this pandemic, please don’t hesitate to contact us:

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Renewals/Existing customers – 01206 771 260