Why can’t I just buy standard home insurance?

Some new landlords are unaware that most standard house insurance excludes cover whilst a property is being rented. It is therefore essential that a landlord has in place specialist landlord insurance, which is specifically designed for this purpose.

Landlord insurance will not only protect your capital investment but also includes liability cover. If your tenants were to hurt themselves within the property due to your negligence, they could make a claim against you for damages. Landlord liability can cover the award for damages plus legal costs which otherwise would not be covered under standard home insurance.

Do you offer cover for non-standard construction properties?

We understand that not all properties are built the same, which is why we offer landlord insurance for properties of both standard and non-standard construction. So if your building is timber-framed or even listed, we can help, call 03450 89 90 91.

What makes a good Landlord Insurance Policy?

  • Length of Unoccupancy Allowance: In most policies, these vary from 30 days’ allowance to 90 days. A policy may be cheap but does it allow you enough time to find and house new tenants once the previous ones leave, especially in today’s rental market?
  • Restrictions when unoccupied: When in between tenants, you may wish to redecorate and freshen up the property, but does your policy let you do this? Many policies put a short limit on how many days a property can be unoccupied for before the insurance cover becomes restricted or even void.
  • Tenant Damage cover: This is included in some policies or may be an optional add-on. If already included, some policies will put a low limit on it – £5,000 is common. Ask yourself, would this be enough to cover the damage if a tenant flooded the bathroom, for example, or accidentally caused a kitchen fire? You should be able to increase your limit for Tenant Damage cover for a small fee.
  • Landlord Legal Expenses: As a landlord, there could be some specific situations that you might come up against where you require legal assistance or even representation that you hadn’t thought of. For example, you or your tenants could be restricted to access a part of your property like the driveway or shared path, leading to a Property Infringement case. Another example is that the HMRC (Her Majesty’s Revenue & Customs) may make an enquiry into your tax payments as a landlord. Both of these examples could prove costly if you don’t have specific landlord legal assistance.
  • Tenancy Eviction & Pursuit of Rent Arrears: Did you know that legal fees for serving an eviction notice on a non-paying tenant can start at around £1,000? This doesn’t include the rent you will be losing whilst pursuing the eviction. An effective Landlord Policy should cover you for this and take the worry out of a tenant not paying.
  • Always check your small print as what may seem like a good deal at first sight, may not cover everything you actually need it to!

What is a policy excess?

The excess is the amount you are liable to contribute towards each and every claim per section of your landlord insurance.

If your excess were £250, you would pay the first £250 of any claim no matter what value the claim. For example, if your claim settlement was £500, the insurer would pay you £250 as you are liable for the first £250. The excess can vary depending on your circumstances. Buildings and contents excesses are usually £250 per section, with the subsidence excess usually £1,000. Please note that higher excesses apply for escape of water.

Often you have the option to increase your excess for a discount on the premium.

What if my property is currently empty?

If your property is awaiting tenants and you have no signed agreement we can initially cover your property with unoccupied buildings insurance and then seamlessly switch to cover your tenants when you have let the house. Call us for more details.

For my property, can I obtain landlord contents insurance only?

Protect My Let is happy to offer contents only insurance cover.

How long is my quote valid for?

Your quote is valid for 30 days.

How far in advance can I get a quote and start my policy?

You can get a valid quote up to 30 days in advance but you may enter your details at anytime to get an idea of our prices.
You can buy your policy with a start date up to 30 days in advance so you do not need to wait until your existing policy has ended before switching to Protect My Let.

Do you charge for credit or debit card payments?

We make no additional charge for you to pay by credit or debit card.

Do you offer Direct Debit payment?

We do offer a monthly instalment plan paid via Direct Debit subject to your individual quote. There is no deposit paid upfront with the total sum collected over 10 equal instalments subject to an interest charge of 5% (minimum charge £15).

The payment plan is a credit facility to pay insurance premium provided by Premium Credit Limit.

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