Protect your rental property income, with rent guarantee cover.


Whether it’s for living expenses, savings or to pay the mortgage, being without your rental income for a few months can leave you in financial difficulty. That’s why at Protect My Let, we offer Rent Guarantee with our landlord insurance policies, to help you protect your income.

What does Rent Guarantee cover?

If your tenants are unable to, or don’t pay their rent, our Rent Guarantee cover is designed to give you a cushion of protection, should you need to take the rent dispute to court. Evicting a tenant through the legal process can sometimes take over 6 months and during this period, there is a good chance that your tenant may only be paying you a small portion of your rent, if they’re paying any at all. If there’s a mortgage on the property this could put you at risk of running into arrears. That’s why our Rent Guarantee cover gives you essential support in these key areas:

  • Rent indemnity for up to 11 months
  • Repossession
  • Legal costs up to £50,000
  • Evictions
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Having a broker can prove essential

As an insurance broker, we understand the small print and how that influences your situation. The current marketplace has become very complicated, with ever-changing and updated legislation – especially following the pandemic – meaning further clauses and conditions in the fine print impacted on a regular basis.  We’ll work hard to ensure you have the right protection in place for your situation.

Why choose us?

Even if you have trustworthy tenants, there’s always the possibility that their ability to pay could be affected, so don’t let that affect you too. If you’d like to find out more about our Rent Guarantee, speak to a member of our team today.

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Do I need to have Rent Guarantee?

You’re not legally obliged to have Rent Guarantee. However, if you have an outstanding mortgage on your property, your mortgage provider may have specified that Rent Guarantee will be required for your property within the mortgage terms and conditions.

I’ve already got a landlord insurance policy; do I need to wait until my renewal date to add Rent Guarantee?

Yes, if you already have a landlord insurance policy, you will need to wait until your next renewal date to add Rent Guarantee cover.
If your renewal date is coming up shortly, give us a call and we’d be happy to give you a quote on your landlord insurance, including Rent Guarantee cover.

When can I claim my Rent Guarantee cover?

You can start claiming Rent Guarantee cover when you begin legal proceedings to evict your tenant. From here, your legal expenses will be covered up to the value of £50,000. The insurer will also pay rent owed while we are dealing with your claim for repossession if your tenant refuses to leave your property. After the tenant has left, the insurer will pay 75% of the rent that would have been payable for a further two months.

Are there any restrictions on Rent Guarantee cover?

The following restrictions will apply:

  • Your rented property must be located in Great Britain or Northern Ireland.
  • Landlords’ Legal Solutions is not available for HMOs, social housing or leasing commercial premises.
  • Claims must be reported to us during the period of insurance.
  • Accommodation costs are limited to £175 per day and up to £5,250 in total.
  • Storage costs are limited to £50 per week and £300 in total.
  • We will choose your lawyer from our panel unless there is a conflict of interest or the point has been reached at which proceedings need to be issued..
  • This policy will not cover claims that occur during the first 90 days of the first period of insurance where the tenancy agreement started before the start of this policy (except where you had equivalent cover in force immediately prior to the start of this policy).
Do I have to pay any excess?

The excess on this Rent Guarantee is the value of one month’s rent.