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Protecting your professional lets

*Please note this is available at no extra charge if you take out a policy with MS Amlin. We have a panel of thirteen insurers, most of which offer cover for Legal Expenses.

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It’s fair to say that professional or working tenants are the most popular types of tenants for landlords. This is because they’re low risk. They enjoy a regular income, which means reliable rent payments, but it’s still essential that you have the right landlord insurance in case anything goes wrong.

At Protect My Let, we can offer a range of insurance for professional lets, including:

  • Professional or working tenants
  • Retired tenants
  • Part-time working tenants, who work for over 16 hours a week.

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Key features of our professional let insurance
  • Loss of rent and alternative accommodation cover
  • Portfolio cover (one renewal date for all your rentals)
  • Buildings and/or contents cover, including fixtures and fittings in flats
  • Accidental damage caused by tenants
  • Property owner liability
  • Malicious damage and theft by tenants
  • Trace and access cover
  • Complete insurance cover for buildings (fire, subsidence, storm, escape of water, flood, vandalism)
  • Cover for different construction types
  • Terrorism cover
  • Landlord legal expenses cover
  • Tenancy eviction cover, e.g. serving eviction notices
  • Pursuit of rent arrears
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Did you know?

We can provide legal expenses for up to £100,000 at no extra cost?*
  • Limit of Indemnity (per claim) £100,000
  • Legal defence
  • Recovery of rent arrears**
  • Repossession of residential property**
  • Property disputes
  • Property damage, nuisance and trespass

*Please note this is available at no extra charge if you take out a policy with MS Amlin. We have a panel of thirteen insurers, most of which offer cover for Legal Expenses.

**Please see our Covid-19 FAQs section to understand the current restrictions in place for using this cover.

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Do I need landlord insurance if I own/lease a flat and don't need buildings cover?

Yes you do. While the building that your flat is in may be covered within the freeholder’s policy  – and you may even pay a building management or maintenance fee – you could still be open to liability claims from your tenants arising from your fixtures, fittings and contents. Don’t worry – we can provide this cover at little cost.

I have more than one property, can I put them all on one policy?

Yes, we can offer portfolio insurance as soon as you have more than one property. In fact, this saves you both time and money as you’ll only have one renewal date, you can enjoy a portfolio discount and we’ll do the hard work for you!

My let properties are in a company name, does this cost more?

No it doesn’t – our insurers cater for properties bought or transferred to your company name as they would any individual landlord.

Does my policy renew automatically?

If you choose to pay by monthly direct debit then yes, your policy will renew automatically. Don’t worry, your dedicated account handler will send the details of your renewal well ahead of your renewal date so you can still make any changes you need to.

Do I need to let you know if my tenants change?

If your tenants change mid-term you only need to let us know if there will either be a period of unoccupancy, or if you’re changing the basis on which you let, for example if you’re switching from letting to professionals to students.

Do I need to let you know if the property becomes unoccupied?

Our policies do allow for various periods of unoccupancy before you have to declare it but, to be on the safe side, it’s always best to let us know if and when this happens so we can make sure you are still covered properly.