Home Emergency Cover for Landlords

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Get 24/7 support with our Home Emergency cover for landlords

Home Emergency cover is only available when purchasing a new landlord insurance policy and not as an independent policy.
If you are an existing client you can add this on at renewal.

*Statement correct as of April 2021 after conducting competitor market research. This will continue to be reviewed.
**Can be added to policies at new policy or policy renewal stage. Please note you cannot purchase this as a separate policy or as a mid-term adjustment (MTA).

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Buy Home Emergency cover with your landlord insurance

What would you do if you had an emergency at your rental property? Don’t wait to find out. Get cover for £90.

With our Home Emergency cover you and your tenants have access to 24/7 support. 

Home Emergency cover for landlords provides help from a qualified contractor if you have a sudden emergency at your rental property. This product was designed with landlords in mind, which is why it’s packed full of real-world features, so you won’t be throwing your money down the drain. Unlike many other policies, there is no age restriction on boilers which is a common pitfall for many home emergency or boiler insurance policies.

We also appreciate the urgency of getting a qualified contractor out to fix a problem which is why our support line accepts calls from your tenant.

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What is insured with Home Emergency cover for landlords?
  • Main heating system – Never leave your tenants without heat, as Home Emergency covers the complete breakdown of the main heating system in the property.
  • Plumbing and drainage – Covers damage to, blockage, breakage or flooring of the drains or plumbing system within the property.
  • Property security – Covers damage to or the failure of external doors, windows or locks which compromises the security of the property.
  • Toilet unit – Covers breakage or a fault with the toilet that results in the loss of function, provided there is no other toilet in the property.
  • Domestic power supply – Covers the failure of the domestic electricity or gas supply.
  • Lost keys – Covers the loss or theft of the only available keys to gain access to the property.
  • Vermin infestation – Includes the removal of vermin infesting the property.
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Home Emergency cover for landlords FAQs

Are there any restrictions on cover?
  • Cover applies only for the contractor’s call out charge, labour costs, repair materials, replacement parts where we have agreed it is necessary and up to the sum shown in your policy wording.
  • Your tenant(s) will have to pay the alternative accommodation costs and send the receipt to you, to forward to us to be reimbursed.
Where am I covered?
  • You are covered for emergencies affecting your property in Great Britain and Northern Ireland.
What are my obligations for my Home Emergency policy to be valid?
  • You must contact the 24/7 Residential Landlord’s Emergency Helpline as soon as you can after the emergency arises.
  • Someone must be at the property to let the contractor in.
  • If your property is powered by a biomass boiler or anaerobic digester system you are required, with our agreement, to choose and pay for your own contractor. You must send us the receipt for the insurer to reimburse you.
What is not insured?
  • Events that do not result in the property becoming damaged, unsafe or unsecure to stay in.
  • Contractors’ costs that you incur without our consent
  • The costs of reinstatement or redecorating the property where damage has been caused.
  • Wear and tear, day-to-day maintenance and making permanent repairs once the emergency has been dealt with.
  • Warm air, LPG and solar.
  • Leaking appliances.
Can I buy Home Emergency cover for landlords as a separate policy?
  • Home Emergency cover is only available as an add-on product to your landlord or multiple property landlord insurance policy.
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Buy Home Emergency cover with your landlord insurance