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Invest in the right landlord insurance for multiple properties

Invest in the right landlord insurance for multiple properties.

If you’re a landlord with multiple properties then multi-property landlord insurance may be for you. Combining your properties into a single policy can be a great way to save on costs and admin.

Real estate investing can be an exciting way to build an income, but that shouldn’t come with extra hardship or prohibitive costs. You should always aim to benefit from economies of scale to optimise your portfolio and lifestyle.

At Protect My Let we go the extra mile to serve all our customers, but big portfolios are a particular specialism we’re prepared to work for.

With landlord portfolio insurance you only need to worry about one renewal date to make sure you’re getting the best value every year.

*Please note this is available at no extra charge if you take out a policy with MS Amlin. We have a panel of thirteen insurers, most of which offer cover for Legal Expenses.

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We understand that every landlord is different

Some are happy to be more laidback, with just the one property they look after themselves, and others invest energy and money into building up an entire property portfolio that generates considerable income.

Multi-property landlords, or property investors, turn letting into a full-time job – and if that’s you, then it’s important to make sure you’ve got the right cover.

At Protect My Let we can find you competitively priced insurance that’s tailored to your exact needs, including:

Buildings insurance to keep your whole portfolio protected

It’s fair to say that buildings insurance is the most important part of any landlord insurance policy.

Buildings insurance covers the physical cost of the property were it to be completely destroyed. A buy-to-let portfolio represents a huge financial investment and so buildings insurance can help safeguard against disaster.

Landlord portfolio insurance – or multi-property landlord insurance – aims to do this in an efficient and cost-effective way.

Contents insurance

Just because you’re a landlord doesn’t mean you don’t have any contents to insure. While tenants are responsible for insuring their own contents it’s fair to assume your property portfolio includes plenty of items you’ve provided.

Curtains? Furniture? Carpets? Many landlords underestimate just how much they’ve provided for their tenants. Working out just how much can be very difficult.

But with Protect My Let we give you up to £25,000 of landlord contents cover included as standard. If you have more than that then we’ll help you get the amount of cover you need.

Loss of rent and alternative accommodation cover for up to three years

If any of your properties are damaged to the extent that they are uninhabitable then you are not only likely to miss out on your rental income but you may have to provide alternative accommodation for your tenants.

That’s a double blow, which could be even worse if you have a buy-to-let mortgage. What’s more, owning more properties increases the chance of such an event happening at some point.

Our multi-property landlord insurance therefore includes cover for both loss of rent and alternative accommodation should the need arise.

Landlord liability insurance

As a property owner you are responsible if your property causes damage to someone or something. That’s why most home insurance policies include liability cover to help with legal costs and settlements.

With a portfolio of multiple properties you have more opportunities for something to go wrong – more buildings and more people coming and going.

Such accidents are very rare and hopefully you’ll never be in a position where your property severely injures someone. But those rare incidents can be very costly if you think about things like potential loss of earnings to a victim and their family.

Landlord liability insurance is there to help should the worst happen.

Accidental damage included as standard

Accidents happen to everyone. But they can be a bit of a grey area in the world of insurance. Does your insurance pay out for damage you or your tenants have caused? Accidental damage cover aims to help with one-off misdemeanours such as screwing into a wall and bursting a pipe or dropping a heavy object that breaks kitchen tiles. At Protect My Let we include accidental damage cover as standard with every policy so you can relax no matter how clumsy your tenants may be.

Up to 90 days’ extended unoccupancy as standard

You don’t necessarily know how regularly your tenants are going to be home. From short holidays to long-term travel there are plenty of reasons a rented property may become unoccupied.

Student lets in particular have to deal with very long summer holidays when your entire house of residents may go home to their families.

Most insurance policies can be very restrictive on how long a property can be empty as this significantly increases risks of a claim.

However, at Protect My Let we can offer up to 90 days’ unoccupancy as standard. That could be a huge benefit to your multi-property landlord insurance if you have any student lets or other long-term travellers to consider.

£100,000 legal expenses covering your whole property portfolio

As a landlord there are plenty of reasons you may end up in a legal dispute. With a portfolio of multiple properties your risk only goes up with more people involved. The financial and psychological costs of legal action can be huge. That’s why we provide £100,000 of landlord Legal Expenses insurance to help should you find yourself in such a situation.

All your legal documents available at the touch of a button, including draft tenancy agreements

At Protect My Let we want to be more than just your insurance broker and give you the benefit of our years of experience with thousands of landlords. We provide an extensive library of templates to help you manage your legal documents and cut down on admin time and expenses.

Personalised service

And while it’s likely you’ll already be up to speed on the importance of landlord insurance, you could benefit from our policy of providing straightforward, comprehensive cover with exceptional personal service. We’ll even do all the leg work and admin for you.

Just give us a call to explore your options – we could end up saving you time and money.

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