Landlord public liability insurance


While landlord insurance covers the cost of damage to your buildings or contents, you should also consider the costs of your property hurting someone or damaging their property. This is what landlord public liability insurance is for.

A falling roof tile or trip hazard could have severe consequences. Imagine if someone was injured on your property and became unable to work again. A legal settlement may involve you covering their losses which could amount to millions.

A good landlord insurance policy should include a level of property owners liability insurance as standard. Most commonly this comes in bands of £2m or £5 of cover, which includes cover for settlements and legal fees.

Could you afford that sort of bill if you had to foot it yourself? Some landlord insurance providers even make £5m their minimum given the high cost of claims.

Property owners liability cover is normally included alongside buildings cover with both standard home insurance and landlord insurance policies.

However, with a rental property you are likely to have more people entering and leaving the property – particularly as with a buy-to-let property, you have tenants rather than you and your family living there.

Then there are guests, tradespeople and other visitors. Anyone could be injured on your property – even if you take good care of it – and so it pays to make sure you have adequate protection as part of your landlord insurance.

Bad injuries resulting in large settlements are rare – but why take the risk of being accountable for a multimillion-pound settlement, however unlikely it may be?

Especially as property owners liability insurance is usually included in a good landlord insurance policy.

Even if you are not found to be at fault you may still be liable for significant legal costs. Landlord liability insurance offers peace of mind at great value as part of your landlord insurance policy.


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Landlord liability insurance – what to look for

Most landlords add landlord liability insurance to their existing buildings insurance policy. Tenancy agreements may require buildings insurance anyway, as do most buy-to-let mortgages. Therefore it often works out better to simply add on landlord liability insurance to a landlord buildings policy rather than buying a standalone product. Many providers will include landlord liability insurance as standard.

For that reason, when looking to buy landlord liability insurance, be prepared to get a full landlord insurance quote which will require details such as your property type and rebuild value, your claims history and what kind of tenants you rent to.

Don’t forget that policies vary in terms of price and coverage so be sure to get a variety of quotes to compare.

Make sure to check your policy wording carefully for any specific conditions, excesses and exclusions. Generally these types of policy follow the same sort of template, but you never know when a particularly appealing or cheap policy is hiding a high excess or prohibitive exclusions that would make any claims more difficult.

If you are a landlord renting to family then relatives are often excluded from liability insurance claims given the potential for fraud.

Don’t forget that as you are likely to combine a liability policy with landlord contents insurance and building insurance you should make sure these other coverages are also right for you, and competitive with similar quotes.

What does landlord liability insurance cover?

Landlord liability insurance covers property damage and bodily injury. That means if you are sued for neglecting to look after your property and tenants then this may be claimable under your landlord insurance depending on the circumstances at the time.

Bodily injury

The biggest concern with landlord liability is bodily injury on the grounds that an injury that causes someone to lose out on job earnings, as this could be a significant cost.

We’re all used to adverts for personal injury lawyers on television and landlords are a prime target of these kinds of lawsuits if their property caused injury to the claimant. These firms are so aggressive in their marketing it is no surprise that there is no shortage of these kinds of personal injury claims.

These could come from your tenants, their guests or even passers-by.

A landlord may have to face such legal action even if they are not at fault. While such action might not result in a settlement the landlord will still probably face significant legal costs to get to that point and be found innocent.

Property damage

The other aspect of liability insurance is for property damage. While our top concern with a falling roof tile, for example, would be it landing on a person, it could still be an expensive accident if the tile instead fell on a sports car or a neighbour’s conservatory. These claims may be less than a bodily injury example but would still result in large costs that could be protected against with the right insurance.

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